Mike Judge "proves once again that few can top him when it comes to making cathartic social commentary about the working class," said Edward Douglas in Comingsoon.net. The director's latest, Extract (watch the trailer), starring Jason Bateman as a sexually frustrated bottling plant owner, sends its characters on "journeys of self-discovery, finding humor in darker places, more in the vein of some of the Coen brothers' work than the typical lowbrow situational comedy."

Extract is a "curious combination of workplace comedy and midlife crisis," said Bill Goodykoontz in The Arizona Republic, but it's not Mike Judge's best work. In his masterpiece, Office Space, "we identify with the plight of the put-upon, the unlucky, the down-on-their-luck," but "here, not so much." Still, the performances—especially Jason Bateman's—"forgive a lot" and "the laughs are generous and genuine."

This movie is "sort of entertaining," said Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun-Times, but it "lacks the focus and comic energy" of Office Space, and Mike Judge's "characters may never grow much smarter than Beavis and Butt-head, who launched him on his career." Not only that, but Extract's plot is too far-fetched—a good comedy "needs to seem as if it's believable at least to itself."