The fashion industry couldn't ignore plus-size women forever, said Sheila Marikar in ABC News. After all, an estimated 41 percent of U.S. women are larger than a size 14. "No wonder, then, that when Glamour magazine published a nearly nude photo of plus-size model Lizzi Miller, who bears a belly not a six-pack, who wears a girl-next-door grin not a high-fashion glare, they were flooded with letters of praise from readers" (watch Lizzi Miller talk to Matt Lauer).

"So does the reaction to this picture mean that the tide is turning? Hardly," said Naomi Alderman in Britain's The Guardian. Even after "the deluge of e-mails," Glamour's editor, Cindi Leive, "hasn't made a commitment to using average-sized women in fashion shoots, saying only that the magazine wants to celebrate 'all kinds of beauty.'" And at 175 lbs., the 5-foot-11 Lizzi Miller, 20, is hardly fat—what's "astonishing" is that putting her in a fashion magazine is a big deal.

Lizzi Miller's belly "might be a tiny imperfection," said Linda Kelsey in Britain's Daily Mail, but it's meant something to see it amid hundreds of pages of "shots in which the models have no blemishes, no frown lines, no wrinkles, and certainly no body fat." Glamour is planning a follow-up with more pictures of plus-size models, including Miller—maybe the fashion industry is finally realizing that women want to see models who have "as many lumps and bumps as the rest of us."