"If there is one thing that holds all God's species together it is our faith that the selection of Miss Universe is impartial and free of favoritism," said Richard Rushfield in Defamer. "Now that may be in doubt." Michael Schwandt, choreographer of the last four pageants, tells the Guanabee blog that Donald Trump personally chooses six of the 15 semi-finalists.

"Gasp!" said FoxNews.com's entertainment blog. Does this mean that Trump's idea of beauty—and not the interview portion of the contest—decides who will be Miss Universe? Don't tell that to Carrie Prejean.

That's not how the Miss Universe pageant rules say it's supposed to work, said Katherine Thomson in The Huffington Post. Michael Schwandt says Donald Trump picks the contestants he thinks are the prettiest to make sure they'll move into the final round. But one panel of judges is supposed to decide the preliminary rounds, and another decides the televised selection of the semi-finalists, finalists, and winner, based on the interviews, the swimsuit competition, and the evening gown competition. Sorry, those are the rules.