What are the producers at Fox thinking? said Sean O'Neal in The Onion's A.V. Club. The network has announced plans to take "Michael Lehmann's cultishly adored high school satire" Heathers (watch the trailer) and turn it into a weekly TV show. There are  "trace elements" of Heathers' "'let's get the bitchy clique' motif" all over TV already, and Fox's "craven attempt to piggyback on the success of Gossip Girl" is sure to be an "unrecognizable pale shadow" of the original Heathers movie.

"I'm kind of on the fence with this news," said Jason Hughes in TV Squad. "There's a way to do a very serious story about the emotional turmoil and cruelty of high school, but it's a tightrope that has to be walked very carefully." The original Heathers was filled with "death, suicide attempts, and darkness," which Fox will likely shy away from. But then again, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was pretty dark, and that show "did okay."

A Heathers TV show on Fox "could certainly manage some dark comedy about high school," said Linda Holmes in NPR.org. "It would probably need a different central thrust than the bumping-off of the popular kids," but only "because that doesn't seem like an arc with a long lifespan." The idea of a Heathers remake "doesn't fill me with as much dread as the prospect of some other remakes"—I'm kind of looking forward to it.