It's a battle of horror sequels this weekend at the box office, said Scott Bowles in USA Today, and financially speaking, neither may be a big winner. Rob Zombie's Halloween II (watch the trailer) "goes smack up against" The Final Destination (watch the trailer)—the fourth film in that franchise—in "a showdown that could leave each cannibalized."

No way, said Brandy Sims in, Halloween II "will devour the competition this weekend." Rob Zombie is "one of the most twisted minds in Hollywood"—he "draws together gore, emotion, violence, and substance like no other horror director"—and his "first Halloween film was excellent." Horror fans "will be flocking to the theaters" to see the latest.

Another Halloween sequel? said Adam B. Vary in Entertainment Weekly. "Been there, slashed that." All three of the previous movies in Final Destination's "making-efficient-mincemeat-of-anonymous-hot-actors franchise have all built on the previous film's opening weekend," and the new one is in 3D. I'm betting that horror fans would much rather watch "pretty kids die in three dimensions" than yet another "rebooting" of the "grandpappy of the slasher film genre," Halloween.