Poor, pathetic leftists, said Erick Erickson in RedState. Their boycott of Glenn Beck isn't going so well—his Fox News show had its best ratings day ever on Wednesday, capping a jump in the ratings since the boycott was launched to punish Beck for suggesting that President Obama is a racist. (watch Beck discuss Obama and racism) "The kicker? Rush Limbaugh was his guest. Solidarity baby!"

Beck has also received support from Sarah Palin, said Matea Gold in the Los Angeles Times. The former Alaska governor urged her 800,000-plus Facebook followers to watch his program to hear his insights on "who is actually running the White House." And, with his ratings rising, Beck said on the air, "Even if the powers to be right now succeed in making me poor, drum me out—I will only be stronger for it."

Unfortunately for Beck and his right-wing fans, said Andrew Belonsky in Gawker, advertisers feel differently. The number of companies that have joined the boycott—which began after Beck called President Obama a racist—now stands at 46. But Beck is just ratcheting up the tension with "a torrent of accusations against Barack Obama and his plans for AmeriCorps, which he equates with Adolf Hitler's 'brown shirts'"—clearly he hasn't let the boycott diminish his appetite for "fear-mongering."