"Jessica Biel is the most dangerous celebrity on the Web," said the Associated Press in Yahoo! News. McAfee Inc., a security technology company, recently reported that "searches for the 27-year-old actress are more likely to lead to online threats such as spyware and viruses than searches for any other celebrity." In fact, people "searching for the actress have a one-in-five chance of ending up at a website designed to damage one's computer."

"Biel isn't the Web's only dangerous star search," said Chris Harris in MTV News. Right behind her are Beyoncé, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Brady, and Jessica Simpson. But the McAfee report "was quick to note that President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama were surprisingly safe searches, coming in at No. 34 and No. 39, respectively, on the list."

No search is entirely safe, said Thomas Claburn in InformationWeek. "If someone or something is popular online, count on cybercriminals trying to associate the topic with malware." Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo "all make an effort to flag, block, or remove malicious content from their search indexes, but cybercriminals typically can create new malicious sites at least as quickly as old malicious content can be removed."