"Universal health care, y'all!" said Natalie Finn in E! "No, actually, that is not one of the ways in which the United States would be different if Britney Spears were president." But, according to the Top 10 list Spears delivered Tuesday on The Late Show With David Letterman, the pop-star-in-chief would be the first president since Nixon to "wear eye shadow" (watch Britney Spears' Letterman Top 10 list).

There's certainly no arguing with the main way the country would be different if Spears were president, said the Associated Press. "Finally," she said, "the media would pay some attention to me." Spears proved the point with all the buzz she generated with her funny handling of Letterman's Top 10 list, which she delivered while showing off her "buff new body" in a bikini.

Britney Spears clearly isn't afraid to make fun of herself, said Jody Thompson in Britain's Mirror. And what's not to like about a platform that includes "free pie for everybody"?