"Just when you thought college basketball couldn't get any sleazier," said Jeff Goodman in Fox Sports in MSN, "here comes Rick Pitino." The head coach of the University of Louisville hoops team has admitted to police that he had sex—at an upscale restaurant, no less—with a woman named Karen Cunagin Sypher, and later paid her $3,000 to get an abortion. Pitino was forced to go public after Sypher allegedly tried to extort $10 million from him. This is a huge "mess"—and it's not just going to "impact" Pitino's personal life.

True, said Larry McShane in the New York Daily News, the married father of five could very well lose his job due to "a 'moral depravity' clause in his megabucks Louisville contract." It's too bad: Pitino is a talented man—"the only coach in NCAA history to take three different teams to the Final Four"—and this is the "first major scandal since his Hall of Fame-caliber career began."

Pitino is "among the most successful and charismatic people in the Western World," said Mark Bradley in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, but that's not going to "save" him now. He "works for a state-supported institution of higher learning," and this isn't the type of behavior the University can condone. But that doesn't mean his career is over—"look for him to be back in the NBA within 10 months."