Kate Gosselin was "purposefully vague" on the Today show Monday, said Vicki Hyman in New Jersey's The Star-Ledger. During "her first big interview" since her divorce announcement, the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star denied that the reality show "had anything to do with the breakup of her marriage," and she skirted questions from Today host Meredith Vieira. But Gosselin did "tearfully" say that her "split from husband Jon was 'necessary,'" and that "she's still wearing her wedding ring so as not to upset her children." (watch Kate Gosselin on the 'Today' show)

Meredith Vieira certainly didn't give Kate Gosselin "a free ride," said David Zurawik in The Baltimore Sun. "Vieira kept a journalistic distance and professional edge throughout the interview, asking solid questions." And although "Kate seemed to want to paint herself as a brave and determined mom who was wronged by Jon," Vieira "was not playing that game."

But "even with their divorce pending," said Stephen M. Silverman in People, Kate Gosselin admitted that "she still loves her soon-to-be ex," and that she was hurt when Jon so "suddenly" started dating Hailey Glassman. But Kate's "chief concern" seems to be the well-being of their children, and "with the domestic squabbles no longer taking place face-to-face, she said, 'There's more peace in the house now.'"