"Monday marked a moderately big night in the history of pop cultural marriages," said Ginia Bellafante in The New York Times. Jon & Kate Plus 8 returned to TLC with two new episodes after being on hiatus since June, when Jon and Kate Gosselin announced their divorce. But last night, nothing much happened—except that "Jon & Kate continued to prove itself the most boring reality show on television" (watch a preview of the new epsiodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8).

Those who were hoping for "Gosselin scandal-fodder were probably disappointed" by the new episodes, said Entertainment Weekly's Ken Tucker in MSNBC.com. But we "longtime fans" weren't. The show seems "as close to being back to normal as it's likely to get," with "solo-parent Kate taking the kids on a trip to a beach resort," and Jon staying home to supervise the installation of new cabinets. And "TLC must be breathing a sigh of relief for getting non-angry, non-controversial footage."

But that's what everybody wanted to see, said Paige Wiser in the Chicago Sun-Times. We wanted "Kate shaving her head, or attacking paparazzi with an umbrella." Or Jon with at least one of his alleged girlfriends—Deanna Hummel, Hailey Glassman, Kate Major, or the new mystery woman—is that so much to ask? Instead, there was nothing "juicy" about the new episodes. But "as always, the kids were adorable—heartbreakingly so."