William Shatner has "done it again," said MTV News. After his "masterful" dramatic reading on The Tonight Show Monday of Sarah Palin's "jumbled farewell address," the Star Trek veteran "brought his best bohemian voice" to the show again Wednesday night for an interpretive rendition of some of the former Alaska governor's tweets (watch Shatner recite Palin's Twitter posts). "Palin's message isn't any clearer when delivered from the soothing throat of the original Captain Kirk, but it certainly becomes more entertaining."

What Shatner did was "awe-inspiring," said Gawker. "As anyone who has followed Sarah Palin's Twitter can attest, any attempt to make sense of her brain droppings is an exercise in utter futility." Shatner is indeed "a master thespian."

To be fair, said Alex Koppelman in Salon, "Twitter restricts messages to 140 characters or less," so Sarah Palin's "output has been particularly disjointed and sometimes just plain odd." Shatner was kind of shooting fish in a barrel, and of course "he made the most of it."