Yes, the JK wedding video is fun to watch, said Bill Underwood in, and it would be fine at any other occasion. "But this is a wedding, for crying out loud!" There's something wrong with our society when we all laugh along when people make a joke of something that is supposed to be a sacred, serious commitment. (Watch the video below)

If the JK wedding video "doesn't make you smile, something is wrong with you," said Jon Burstein in the Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Sun-Sentinel. "I'm not a fan of wedding-related videos on YouTube," but it's nice to see a viral video that really lets the rest of us share the happy couple's joy.

It's definitely worth something, said Chris Matyszczyk in CNET. Look to the right of the video player on YouTube, and you'll find ads. I wonder how much money Google's YouTube is making off the 5 million viewers (so far) who have clicked on the JK wedding video. "If I am ever lucky enough to get married, I would love to out Jill-and-Kevin Jill and Kevin. And I'm interested to know if I could make some money out of it myself."