"Rest in peace, Walter Cronkite," said the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. According to an online poll by Time, Americans now think Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, is the nation's most trustworthy newsman. And Stewart, the king of "fake news," won by a landslide—taking 40 percent of the vote with NBC's Brian Williams a distant second with 29 percent.

Jon Stewart would probably agree that this is "downright apocalyptic for America," said Jason Linkins in The Huffington Post. But, "if we're being honest, he probably managed to prevail as the winner precisely because he was the odd man out in a field of network news anchors." Brian Williams, Katie Couric, and Charlie Gibson probably don't have anything to worry about.

Brian Williams certainly isn't willing to concede any ground to Jon Stewart as a newsman, said Dave Itzkoff in The New York Times. "There was a chill in the air" recently when the NBC News anchor taped a segment on Stewart's show (watch Brian Williams on Jon Stewart's show). Stewart skewered Williams for what he saw as NBC's offer to South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford of favorable coverage in exchange for the scandal-plagued politician's appearance on its shows. But Williams shot back, saying that while he had wanted to be Walter Cronkite when he was a kid, "It was like Carrot Top to you."