Jackson Browne has finally defeated John McCain and the Republican National Committee, said Gary Graff in Billboard. Last August, the musician sued the then-presidential hopeful and the RNC for using his 1977 hit song "Running on Empty" without permission in a campaign ad that aired on TV and the Internet. Now the parties have "settled out of court for an undisclosed amount of money and a public apology from the Republican camp." Maybe this will bolster "protection of music copyrights."

"It's one thing to lose to Barack Obama," said Gina Serpe in E! Online, but it's another "to have Jackson Browne get the better of you." Still, you've got to hand it to John McCain—he showed remarkable "stamina" in this "nearly yearlong battle." But you can't blame Browne for suing—the McCain campaign didn't even attempt to obtain a license for the song.

This is certainly a victory—for an "overpaid musician," said Andrew Winistorfer in Prefixmag.com. But what's strange is that the Republicans went out of their way "to clarify that McCain had no idea that the song was being used without permission," as if they're still "trying to protect him after they sank his campaign by welding him to Sarah Palin."