The race is on to publish biographies "marking the demise and celebrating the life of Michael Jackson," said Luke Leitch in the Times Online. Just over three weeks after the King of Pop's death, Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson by Ian Halperin went on sale today, and over a dozen more Jackson biographies by various publishers are set to follow soon.

"The race to get the first Michael Jackson biography onto the streets began less than 24 hours after his death," said Heidi Blake in the Telegraph, "and more than half-a-million copies" of the new books have already been pre-ordered by retailers. But every publisher was "beaten to the finish line by the first Chinese instant biograpy—Moonwalk in Paradise—which took just nine days to write, design, print and deliver to shops."

This is "great news" for the struggling publishing industry, said Dominic Laurie in, as "it means extra sales that had not been planned for." But with so many publishers "rushing to be first to market, it seems likely that there won't be room in the market for all of the books." Michael Jackson's "commercial appeal is huge," but "the pie is finite and not everyone will get a bite—reacting fast is everything."