"Rehabbed actress Lindsay Lohan used to never refuse a drink," said Heather Stein in the New York Daily News, so it's kind of "surprising" that she "turned down a role in this summer's blockbuster hit, The Hangover." (watch the trailer for The Hangover) The 23-year-old starlet reportedly thought "the script 'had no potential.'" Big mistake. The Hangover has made $205 million so far, and Lohan probably could have used some of that money, given that she's "currently being sued by scientist Jennifer Sunday for stealing the recipe for her Sevin Nyne tanning spray."

Taking a role in The Hangover might have also given Lohan the chance to "resuscitate her seemingly lifeless acting career," said Kimberly M. Morgan in The Celebrity Café. The premise of the movie—four guys in Vegas for a bachelor party who wake up the next morning with no recollection of what happened the night before—certainly would have sounded "like a recipe for comedic success" to most actors. Lohan's "agent even worked at convincing her to take the role, but to no avail."

"It's probably for the best," said Josh Tyler in Cinema Blend. "Heather Graham was the right choice" for the role of Jade the stripper in The Hangover. If director Todd Phillips had cast Lohan, he "probably would have been pressured to cut the character's nudity or expand her role," which could have potentially "ruined the movie."