Jackie Kennedy may have "had a four-year love affair with" her husband's brother, Robert Kennedy, said Jeane MacIntosh in the New York Post. C. David Heymann's "explosive new book" Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story claims that the couple's romance "sprang from their shared grief over the Nov. 22, 1963, assassination of John F. Kennedy."

The Kennedys are "America's closest thing to royalty," said Women on the Web, and it seems like people "never get tired of hearing news about" them. Heymann's "scandalous" new book will likely be devoured by many, but some "historians and experts are wary of Heymann's tome" because they say "portions of the book are attributed to only a single source."

Some critics do think Heymann's "allegations are based on flimsy evidence," said MSNBC.com, and the book does make some shocking claims: "Socialite Mary Harrington saw Jackie sunbathing topless with RFK kneeling at her side"; Jackie Kennedy—not RFK's wife, Ethel—"asked doctors to remove" Robert Kennedy "from life-support" two days after he was shot. But Heymann claims that his evidence is backed by "previously unavailable reports from the Secret Service and FBI," and he did interview many close, personal friends of the Kennedys for this book.