Nick Cassavetes' My Sister's Keeper may be about a teenage girl dying of cancer, said Rex Reed in The New York Observer, but don't let that "deter you from experiencing a film of such heartfelt magic, wisdom and hope." And Cameron Diaz delivers an "emotionally charged" performance as the girl's mother in this "richly textured, subtle yet electrifying" movie. (watch the trailer for My Sister's Keeper)

My Sister's Keeper "raises some surprisingly difficult and thought-provoking ethical questions," said Associated Press writer Christy Lemire in, and there is "an artfulness to the storytelling." But it's also "is a shameless weepy, one of the most manipulative and fundamental of genres."

The movie also "leans hard on pushy music," said Matt Pais in Metromix Chicago, and "does little with its biggest ethical question—Is it wrong to have a child just for the sake of their bone marrow/kidney?" And My Sister's Keeper "tries so hard to check in with" every character "that it doesn't get close enough to anyone."