"For some Christians," said Ginia Bellafante in The New York Times, "the Gosselins have become the new Bristol Palin, exposing hypocrisy between belief and practice." Before Jon and Kate Gosselin announced their divorce on their reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, "the Christian media" were "nearly as enthralled" with the evangelical couple "as the editors of People magazine have been." Now some Christian bloggers feel duped by the Gosselins' earlier talk of their faith.

"Evangelical Christianity frowns upon divorce," said Daniel Weaver in the Examiner.com, "which means the Gosselins are abandoning their religious principles." Instead of following through on their divorce, Jon and Kate Gosselin should withdraw from television and try to patch things up. "By re-examining their priorities, by going back to the values they believed in when they first got married," they could still save their marriage.

It is really sad that John and Kate Gosselin have filed for divorce, said Brad A. Greenberg in The God Blog, especially considering that they seemed "happy up until the past few months, even renewing their wedding vows in Hawaii last year." But the "saddest" thing about this is "the unmistakable air of schadenfreude that accompanies an evangelical's downfall"—the secular media are just eating this up.