Jon and Kate Gosselin are getting divorced, said Yvonne Villarreal in the Los Angeles Times, but "the show, apparently, will go on." (watch the Gosselins' divorce announcement) Jon and Kate—stars of the TLC reality TV show Jon & Kate Plus 8—announced in Monday's episode that they are separating after weeks of infidelity rumors. But the Gosselins have committed to a full 40 episodes, and the new season is just getting started (although the couple will go on hiatus until August).

It's safe to say that Jon & Kate Plus 8 will never be the same, said Brian Stelter in The New York Times. Jon and Kate Gosselin's divorce means that each parent will be filmed interacting with their sextuplets and twins separately. So the show, which has been about how parents handle eight kids over the past two years, could "become the most intimate look at an American family’s divorce since An American Family, the groundbreaking PBS documentary about the Loud family in the 1970s."

Plenty of American families are touched by divorce, said Margaret Lyons in Entertainment Weekly, and a thoughtful reality show about the process could help others cope. The Jon and Kate Gosselin divorce should certainly "reground" Jon & Kate Plus 8 in real-life issues. The trick will be handling the separation—and how it affects the children—in a way that doesn't seem exploitative, so you won't feel like a "morbid voyeur" for tuning in.