There's little mystery to Jon and Kate Gosselin's big announcement tonight on their reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, said the Toronto Star. Most likely, they're getting divorced. Kate acknowledged in the series premiere "that she and her husband had grown apart." There's also been "constant tabloid coverage of alleged his-and-hers affairs," and "adding fuel to the fire were reports that Jon spent Father's Day alone with their eight kids."

Actually, said Joyce Eng in, the majority of people that we polled—34 percent—think that John and Kate Gosselin will announce "that they are going into marriage counseling." Another 31 percent believe the couple is headed for "a trial separation," and 29 percent predict divorce. And there are even 6 percent that imagine "the possibility of the couple adding to their clan."

It's hard to know if the big announcement will "be life-changing," said Curt Wagner in Chicago Now, or just "ratings-changing." This could very well be "a ploy to boost ratings," especially considering that "last month's season premiere was watched by 9.8 million viewers, but ratings have dropped nearly 70 percent since then."