It seems like "Alexa Chung sprang fully formed from a research lab beneath the Viacom building," said Troy Patterson in Slate. The 25-year-old host of MTV's new It's On With Alexa Chung—"a daytime chat show caught in a Facebook frenzy and abounding in Twitter twaddle"—embodies "the delicate sultriness of Kari Wuhrer and the alert curiosity of Tabitha Soren, the sass of Kennedy, and the stems of 'Downtown' Julie Brown." Chung just might save MTV, and she "may well become the David Letterman of daytime talk-show hosts."

There's no guarantee "a Posh Spice–like personality can succeed in daytime television," said Mark Graham in New York magazine. And based on Monday's "bumpy debut" of It's On With Alexa Chung, "we don't really think Rachael Ray has much to be concerned about." Chung seems a little too low-energy, and can't seem to connect with her celebrity guests or the in-house audience.

"The show may not have worked out all the kinks yet," said Liz Shannon Miller in New Tee Vee, but "it definitely knows its audience and how to appeal to them." It's On "is essentially the adolescent version of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," in the way that it's "pop-culture-heavy" and "Internet-savvy." And Chung's "strong personality will be a big factor in driving the show's success."