"The world of Jon and Kate Gosselin is about to get even more dramatic (if that's possible)," said the gossip blog PopEater. In Touch Weekly is publishing paparazzi photos that appear to show Kate Gosselin, the often cranky mom on TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8, spanking daughter Leah. The Gosselins have been tabloid fodder for weeks due to rumors of infidelity—but the media spotlight will be getting brighter now that Kate is the new poster mom for spanking.

The pictures of Kate Gosselin raising her hand to little Leah are soon to be everywhere, said Allie Is Wired. The child's offense, reportedly, was blowing a whistle after her mom said to stop. So, let's have the conversation: Is it "OK to spank a child?" And, if so, is it OK to do it in public?

Don't read too much into these pictures, said Jessica Carlson in Examiner.com. They "don't show Kate Gosselin actually striking Leah, or if she did, how hard, or what led up to the provocation." Of course, that's not going to satisfy people who think "it's never right to spank a child no matter what they've done."