"After a week of outraged chatter on both sides on the debate," said Katie Connolly in Newsweek, David Letterman finally apologized to Gov. Sarah Palin on his Late Show Monday night "for his unsavory joke about her daughter last week." Letterman "maintains that his intent was not to make inappropriate comments about a 14-year-old girl," and that the joke was aimed at 18-year-old unwed mother Bristol Palin, but at least he "took responsibility for the misconceptions about his motives." (watch Letterman's apology to Palin)

"David 'The Perv' Letterman" delivered "a belated, half-assed apology," said Michelle Malkin in her blog. He really just apologized for the "execution of the joke. In other words: If only he had written it more clearly to take aim at Bristol instead of Willow, he wouldn't have been misunderstood." David Letterman "needs therapy—not just for his Palin hatred, but for his chronic mockery of working- and middle-class women."

Letterman "couldn't have made a bigger mistake" by apologizing, said Gawker. By doing so, "not only is Letterman giving legitimacy to Palin's ridiculous claims that his 'perverted' jokes inspire sexual mistreatment of women, but it also breathes new life into an issue that had sort of fizzled out of the news cycle over the weekend." Can this absurd debate just end already?