In Imagine That, said Tom Keogh in The Seattle Times, Eddie Murphy delivers his "best, live-action performance in many years." Playing a financial executive whose daughter starts feeding him "accurate, visionary market analysis from her imaginary friends," Murphy is "boldly funny and charismatic," and the movie itself "redefines imagination as an internal, human quality." (watch the trailer for Imagine That)

Eddie Murphy's performance is "the most entertaining" part of this movie, said Gary Goldstein in the Los Angeles Times, and he "gives this uneven effort a reason for being." But it certainly "must have taken a lot of imagination for the makers of Imagine That to believe there was actually a full-fledged movie behind its limited, decidedly low-tech concept."

"Who knows why anyone thought a kid's movie about financial investing might be of interest to anyone of any age?" said Edward Douglas in Imagine That is "schmaltzy kids' fare," and it's also "a horrible abomination that effortlessly hammers another nail into Eddie Murphy's credibility as a comic star."