Is Sarah Palin "still angry" with David Letterman? said Robert F. Moore in the New York Daily News. "You betcha." Letterman sort of apologized for joking that Palin's daughter had been "knocked up" by a New York Yankee, insisting that he was talking about single mom Bristol Palin, 18, and not her 14-year-old sister. But, on the Today show Friday, the Alaska governor "blasted" the late-night comic, saying that "comments like Letterman's contribute to low self-esteem among young women." (watch Sarah Palin on the Today show)

Maybe that's because when Letterman apologized for the joke, said Amanda Fortini in Salon, "his tone was mock-serious, and his audience chuckled along." And just "imagine if, say, Michelle Obama, or Rachel Maddow, or Nancy Pelosi became the target of similar invective—the outcry from the Left would be deafening." David Letterman's so-called jokes at the Palin's expense were "sexist," and he's perpetuating "misogyny."

Letterman's jabs were a little "skuzzy," said James Poniewozick in Time, "but let's not pretend this is about the jokes anymore." What this really is, is yet another one of Sarah Palin's "carefully maintained outrage-a-thons that were so delightful throughout the 2008 campaign." She's merely "positioning" herself "for 2012 as the Agnew-esque candidate of cultural resentment against the media, Hollywood, and 'elites,' with a 21st-century twist of identity politics."