It was a little uncool of Fox to air David Carradine's spooky final television performance on the show Mental Tuesday, said TMZ, less than a week after the actor was found hanging dead and naked in a hotel room closet in Bangkok. Carradine played an author left catatonic after getting struck by lightning. The disturbing thing is that Carradine's character "spends most of the episode confined to a bed, sitting in a wheelchair or floating lifeless in a pool." (watch David Carradine on Mental)

At least Fox aired the episode "without excessive promotion," said Dave Itzkoff in The New York Times. Carradine's role on the show was "an eerie twist of fate," but it did serve as "a reminder of what a strangely transfixing performer" he "could be without having to utter a single word."

It's too bad Fox aired David Carradine's guest-starring role on Mental, said Ken Tucker in Entertainment Weekly. The show just isn't very good, and could really use "a booster-shot of quality." So "it's just plain bad luck that one of Carradine's last performances couldn't have offered a better showcase for his talent."