America is obsessed with watching reality TV stars Jon and Kate Gosselin drive "their family off a cliff," said Shmuley Boteach in The Jerusalem Post. Gossip addicts lapped it up when an adverse reaction to instant fame "put Susan Boyle in an institution" after her loss on Britain's Got Talent. TV viewers bored with their own lives will always tune in to watch these train wrecks—but TV executives have lost their moral compass when they'll let a family like the Gosselins "implode" for the sake of ratings.

The public is to blame, said Pam Meister in Big Hollywood. "We put these individuals up on a pedestal and wait like vultures for them to slip up so we can trash them at the first opportunity." Sure, Jon and Kate Gosselin, and Susan Boyle, and wannabe reality TV star Nadya Suleman—the Octomom—should have known that fame would be hard, but we all share the "blame when reality TV stars go bad."

Spare me, said Courtney Wagner in The Vancouver Sun. Everything was dandy for the bickering Gosselins as their TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8 took off. Things only went bad when reports of marital infidelity started swirling around Jon and Kate Gosselin. Now they want sympathy, but "it's hard to feel sorry for someone who put their children in the spotlight in the first place by signing up for a reality TV show."