Director Todd Phillips’ new movie The Hangover “is consistently funny from start to finish,” said Claudia Puig in USA Today. Centering on “a likably weird trio” in Las Vegas that's desperately trying to piece together the details of the previous night’s bachelor party, “The Hangover is a side-splitting adventure you'll still be laughing about the morning after.” (watch the trailer for The Hangover)

The Hangover is “as gleefully dirty” as Phillips’ 2003 movie Old School, said Eric D. Snider in Cinematical, “and maybe funnier.” But “about halfway in, the story starts veering into craziness (Mike Tyson? Angry Chinese gangsters?) without being any funnier than when it was in the realm of the vaguely plausible,” and that risk “doesn't always pay off here.”

But the main problem with Phillips’ “full-frontal, dude-bro assault,” said Justin Strout in the Orlando Weekly, is that he doesn’t even show us the crazy, drunken bachelor party. “In other words, Phillips has taken away the only bright spot that could come of being around these people, and opts to showcase the dull, offensive, and humorlessly sober morning after.”