“Will Ferrell's appeal among boys maybe ages 12–14” is about to be tested, said Brian Lowry in Variety, because that’s probably the only demographic that Land of the Lost will appeal to. Updating a 1970s kids' TV show that specialized in cheesy special effects had some promise, "but the filmmakers have traded in any kid-friendly elements for bathroom humor of dinosaur-sized proportions,” and the movie is a “laborious mess.” (watch the trailer for Land of the Lost)

“This F/X-laden version of Land of the Lost is better than a kiddie thing,” said Armond White in New York Press, because it’s “no longer beholden to a child’s (a generation’s) TV-warped idea of humor and beauty.” The “nostalgia” may be gone, but in its place is “glib fun.”

Land of the Lost “is halfway toward amusing,” said Nick Schager in Slant, “which means it's just as close to awful.” Some of the film’s scenes “defy expectations via strange, ill-fitting arbitrariness.” But the “nonsense” is “dutifully interspersed with straightforward poop jokes, smashing chases, and screaming CG effects that feel limply desperate.”