It's time for TLC to "kill Jon & Kate Plus 8," said Richard Huff in the New York Daily News. "That's right. Just when people are watching." With the estranged parents of sextuplets and two other kids spending time apart after infidelity rumors, the two episodes so far in the new season have been "disjointed." It's "painfully clear" the reality show is broken, and will never again be "the sweet, if not occasionally annoying, series it was before."

You're out of your mind, said Tom O'Neil in the Los Angeles Times. Jon and Kate Gosselin's marital troubles have made their reality show "must-see TV" for old and new fans alike. The ratings for Jon & Kate Plus 8 "are through the roof, and the reviews for this surprisingly revealing look at life for a couple confronted with two sets of multiple births are equally stellar."

"There should be a law that you can’t use kids on TV like this," said radio counselor and author Dr. Laura Schlessinger in There's no telling how being on a televised "freak show" will damage them. It's one thing to put children on TV when they're acting, "but it’s another thing when they’re being exploited."