It looks like actress Kate Hudson and Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez are getting serious, said Lizzie Smith in the Mail Online. After being “linked repeatedly in recent weeks,” a source has told People magazine that the two are in fact dating, and Hudson “cheered on the baseball star from a front-row seat at a game in New York” Tuesday night.

Supposedly, A-Rod “has had a crush on” Hudson “ever since she famously flashed her breasts in the movie Almost Famous eight years ago,” said But Rodriguez “has become a world class hoser,” and has been “bouncing from blonde to blonde lately," most notably hooking up with Madonna. This could be “just a summer fling.”

“Hudson seems pretty fickle,” too, said Actress Archives, and “we could easily see her leaving A-Rod for another Yankee.” We couldn’t stop “blinking all those times that she broke up with” Owen Wilson, “and then out of nowhere was back together with him. And that time she was with Lance Armstrong and then suddenly wasn't anymore. Good luck, Alex.”