Drag Me to Hell is “an outlandish amount of fun,” said Bill Goodykoontz in The Arizona Republic. In this “gloriously over-the- top” horror movie about a woman cursed by a Gypsy and tormented by demons, director Sam Raimi “aims to make us laugh and scare the pants off us, and he hits the mark on both fronts.” (watch the trailer for Drag Me to Hell)

“If you want your date jumping into your lap,” said Scott Von Doviak in The Screengrab, Drag Me to Hell is “the perfect choice for a night out.” But there’s really no comparing “its modest charms with the demented energy and deranged inventiveness of Raimi’s early work, most notably Evil Dead 2.”

Sam Raimi’s lost it, said Rex Reed in The New York Observer. “The true test of any successful horror flick is how wretched it makes you feel,” and after watching Drag Me to Hell, “you won’t mind walking home alone.” In fact, “you might even welcome a dark, deserted alley” to “help alleviate the anger of knowing you’ve been had.”