Chris Brown has finally “surfaced,” said Access Hollywood. Three months after allegedly beating his girlfriend, Rihanna, the R&B star briefly spoke about the incident publicly for the first time through a video—which was supposedly shot at Shaquille O’Neal’s house—that was posted on YouTube Wednesday, in which he told fans “he ain’t a monster” and announced “his upcoming album and new single.” (watch the Chris Brown video)

It looks like “Chris Brown is finally out of celebrity exile,” said TMZ. “Shaq invited him to play basketball in his private gym, Usher took him to an NBA playoff game,” and “Bow Wow even helped him shoot a YouTube video.” It’s almost as if none of these people remembers that Brown “allegedly beat the crap out of Rihanna.” Hello?

Brown did get “a lot of heat” over the allegations that he abused Rihanna, said Ani Esmailian in Hollyscoop. “Fans burned his albums, radio stations banned his songs, and Rihanna fans protested outside the courtroom during his trial.” And he did stay “relatively low-key for the most part during the whole ordeal,” and now he just “wants to reconnect with his ‘real’ fans”—we’ll see if they take him back.