AT&T “might have influenced the outcome of this year’s” American Idol competition, said Edward Wyatt in The New York Times. The company provided “free text-messaging services and lessons in casting blocks of votes at parties organized by fans of Kris Allen,” who ended up winning the competition, but made “no similar efforts to provide free texting services to supporters of Adam Lambert,” who came in second.

“I’m vindicated!” said Michelle Alexandria in Eclipse Magazine. “There were rumors floating around that for such a small state Arkansas really ‘represented’ during the final voting,” and “now we know why”—because “AT&T was behind it.” Both Fox and AT&T have some explaining to do, and Adam Lambert deserves the crown.

Give me a break, said Richard Lawson in Gawker. “Two viewing parties could hardly be responsible for a victory—unless there were like two million people at each party, and there aren't even that many people in Arkansas.” People really want to find a conspiracy behind “straight white corn boy” Kris Allen's upset of "gay Frankenstein” Adam Lambert, but there probably isn’t one.