Terminator Salvation is “great fun at the movies,” said David Foucher in the Boston Edge. “When it comes to brute thrills,” the latest installment in the Man vs. Machine sci-fi franchise “delivers in a way no ’09 summer flick has to date.” And the machines in Terminator Salvation are incredibly “frightening in their numbers and callous disregard for life.” (watch the trailer for Terminator Salvation)

Many of the “new villainous devices are extremely cool,” said Associated Press writer Christy Lemire in the San Jose Mercury News, “including the Hydrobots—4-foot-long killer eels that attack under water.” But Terminator Salvation lacks “humanity,” and it really could have used “more of the kind of liveliness” that Arnold Schwarzenegger originally brought to the franchise.

Christian Bale is a disappointment in Terminator Salvation, said Josh Bell in the Las Vegas Weekly. He “gives a thoroughly one-dimensional performance, dusting off his Batman growl for virtually every line of dialogue.” And although the movie contains “constant motion, no one ever gets anywhere,” and it “ends right where it began, without a clue what it’s meant to be about.”