Directed by Stephen Belber


A hotel manager tries to woo a guest.

Management is “nothing but a mismanaged opportunity,” said Stephanie Zacharek in In Stephen Belber’s “aggressively quirky romance,” the manager of a seedy Arizona motel (Steve Zahn) falls for one of his guests, a no-nonsense saleswoman (Jennifer Aniston). After he woos her with a bottle of wine, the two spend the night together. Then she heads back to her life—and fiancé—in Baltimore. When her one-night stand shows up in her hometown a few days later, Management becomes “more a training film for budding stalkers than a conventional comedy,” said Connie Ogle in The Miami Herald. Such a ridiculous cross-country courtship would be more believable if the two were 20 years younger, but these characters are in their 40s. Any grown woman with half a brain would know better than to get into bed with a Norman Bates–type character in the first place. Though you’re never convinced that these people belong together, the film has its “heart in the right place,” said Betsy Sharkey in the Los Angeles Times. Belber shows potential with his directorial debut, even if he makes more than a few missteps.