"In a time when racy photo scandals and reality TV affairs" dominate the news, said Thinkfashion, Farrah Fawcett is reminding the world that celebrities also have the power to "inspire others." On Friday, a documentary on the iconic 1970s pinup's battle with anal cancer will air on NBC. Now that Fawcett's cancer treatment has ended and she reportedly has just days to live, we'll finally find out who the woman in the red bathing suit really is.

Fawcett's longtime love, actor Ryan O'Neal, says her quality of life is already gone, said People magazine via MSNBC. But the cause hasn't been the disease alone. Paparazzi have dogged her through her illness, and a supermarket tabloid has invaded her privacy by paying a hospital worker to help pry into her medical records. Let's hope that for Farrah Fawcett, death provides an opportunity to help others—"especially in the areas of protecting patient confidentiality and promoting alternative treatments for cancer."

"It's a hell of a thing when you can't even die in peace," said Leonard Pitts Jr. in The Miami Herald. Fawcett has already told us how little she thinks of The National Enquirer, and she'll tell us more about herself when the documentary, Farrah's Story, airs. "But you also wonder what it must be like to be her, unable to exercise control over what to tell people about your own illness—public property till the end."