“Now for the least surprising news of the day!” said celebrity gossip blog Perez Hilton. “Jon and Kate Gosselin are over, according to Kate’s own brother.” (read Radar Online’s interview) The family’s The Learning Channel reality show—Jon & Kate Plus 8—is “not reality,” Kate’s sister-in-law Jodi said. So why not end the “dysfunction and officially divorce?”

The real solution is to end the TV show, not the marriage, said Courtney Hazlett in MSNBC. Jon and Kate Gosselin should get this season of Jon & Kate Plus 8 behind them, “cash the checks,” confront the issues behind the rumors that both have been unfaithful, “put the reality show ZIP code in the rearview mirror and go back to being the family you were before the cameras cared.”

The news in Radar’s interview with Kate's brother, Kevin Kreider, said the gossip blog Celebitchy, is that this "marriage crisis isn't as recent or as one-sided" as Kate would have us believe. It didn't start with Jon Gosselin's alleged affair with a 23-year-old schoolteacher, or even Kate's rumored dalliance with a family bodyguard. It's "too late for Kate and Jon to save their family" unless they start putting it ahead of "their sham public image."