Directed by Carlos Cuarón


Two brothers become soccer sensations in Mexico City.

Between drug-gang violence and swine flu, Mexico has had a rough time of late, said Robert Abele in the Los Angeles Times. But some good news arrives from south of the border in the form of Rudo y Cursi, a “puckishly entertaining” film about two half-brothers, plucked from life on the farm, who become soccer stars. The film reunites three alumni of the now-classic Y Tu Mamá También: co-stars Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal and writer Carlos Cuarón, who makes his directorial debut here. The reunion of these three amigos proves “a happy occasion for all concerned”—­including the audience, said Joe Morgenstern in The Wall Street Journal. Rudo y Cursi translates to “Tough and Corny,” which is a fair, if facetious, summation of the brothers’ contrasting personalities. Cuarón’s confident, almost effortless directorial hand creates a “comedy of substance that feels as casual as a pickup game.” Though not “as deep as Y Tu Mamá También,” the story pulses with life, said David Ansen in Newsweek. The film is easily “one of the year’s most memorable offerings.”