Ron Howard does a “fantastic” job of adapting Dan Brown’s novel Angels & Demons for the big screen, said Edward Douglas in This “faith vs. science” conspiracy thriller, a follow-up to The Da Vinci Code, “moves at a brisk pace without cutting corners from the novel,” and falls “somewhere between the Hannibal Lecter and the Bourne films” in terms of staging action “amidst an impressive setting full of historical culture.” (watch the trailer for Angels & Demons)

“Relative to its predecessor's laughably goofy conspiracy theory plot,” said Nick Schager in Slant Magazine, Angels & Demons is “slightly less absurd.” And even if “the story isn't nearly as ridiculous” as that of The Da Vinci Code, “Ron Howard still impeccably maintains the series' turgid mediocrity.”

Angels & Demons is actually “Ron Howard’s funniest film since Splash!” said Sean Burns in Philadelphia Weekly. “But not on purpose.” I’ve never read any of Dan Brown’s novels, so I have to ask: Are they as “stupid as the films they’ve inspired?” This latest “boondoggle” is completely “preposterous.”