Kate Gosselin has admitted “that she and her spouse have been privately struggling for months,” said Kate Coyne in People. In a recent interview with People magazine, the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star refers to her husband’s alleged affair with third grade teacher Deanna Hummel, and confesses that she’s not sure if her marriage to Jon Gosselin will last.

“Fame's a bitch," said FITSNews.com. Not too long ago, Jon and Kate Gosselin were just “two nice people who had a cute TV show about their eight kids,” and now they’re “no different than any celebrity couple whose alleged indiscretions are being played out in supermarket checkout aisles all over the country.”

And they're not getting much sympathy from the bigwigs at The Learning Channel, said Tirdad Derakhshani in the Philadelphia Inquirer, the station that produces and airs Jon & Kate Plus 8. After rumors of Jon Gosselin’s infidelity, then of Kate’s, the “TLC suits are scrambling to find a way for the show to capitalize on the couple's strife.”