If Jon Gosselin really is having an affair with Deanna Hummel, said The Hollywood Gossip, we may now know the reason why—“because his wife cheated on him first!” An upcoming issue of Star magazine claims that Kate Gosselin has been having an affair with her bodyguard, Steve Neild, which pushed her husband and Jon & Kate Plus 8 co-star into the arms of another woman.

But Kate Gosselin claims that she’s the “target of tabloid lies,” said Kate Coyne in People, and “says she does not know what she can do to stop the insanity.” She’s also “terrified that this latest round of stories will drive away” the few “friends she and her family have left.”

What’s annoying is that “Jon and Kate Gosselin's personal life is overshadowing their ‘real’ life,” said Jarett Wiesselman in the New York Post. But the good news is the new season of Jon & Kate Plus 8 starts on May 25—it “should be interesting to see is how much of Jon and Kate's personal drama seeps into the idyllic image the show works so hard to perpetuate.” (watch a clip from the new season of Jon & Kate Plus 8)