The Gosselins of TLC’s reality show 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' “are going down. Quickly,” said Foster Kamer in Gawker. “And it’s going to get uglier.” And it’s not because they “turned their family into a brand,” or Kate’s “anal-retentiveness,” or Us Weekly’s probing into whether Jon is two-timing Kate. We all share the blame, for getting mixed up so deeply in their lives.

Let’s put the blame where it belongs, said In Jon Gosselin’s lap. “Jon must be more than a touch sleazy” to have been photographed “rolling out of a bar at 2 a.m.” with some woman, while the family was back at home. “The cover of US Weekly is no place for a family,” but that’s exactly where Jon Gosselin has put his “massive brood.”

Jon and Kate Gosselin have been playing with fire, said Elizabeth Payne in The Ottawa Citizen, since the moment they decided to commodify their children. “Their adventures in everything from dinnertime etiquette to potty training are broadcast most days on The Learning Channel (TLC),” and the family’s intimate moments make “rich, if creepy, fodder” for total strangers on the Internet. That can’t be healthy.