After her Today show visit on Thursday, said Corilyn Shropshire in the Houston Chronicle, “public sentiment may swing in favor of” Kate Gosselin. The Jon & Kate Plus 8 star looked “uncharacteristically chastened” while discussing her husband’s alleged affair with third-grade teacher Deanna Hummel. She claimed that she didn’t believe he had cheated, and that “they were working through it, privately, as a family.” (watch Kate Gosselin on the Today show)

“In other words,” said Think Fashion, “she’ll beat the crap out of her husband in private” because she knows he’s been cheating on her—we’ve all seen how she treats him on their reality show. And on the Today show, Kate “didn’t spend too much time on the subject,” so “her silence is only fueling speculation that her husband may actually be guilty of the accusations.”

Or this “whole scandal” could just be “a ratings and publicity grab,” said Sheri Levine and Chris Lackner in The Vancouver Sun. Since Us Magazine published photos of Jon Gosselin with Deanna Hummel, the Internet has been abuzz over the reality star couple, and Kate Gosselin has appeared on both Larry King Live and the Today show—pretty convenient, seeing as the news series of Jon & Kate Plus 8 is premiering May 25.