Next Day Air is “a very pleasant surprise,” said Nathan Rabin in The Onion’s A.V. Club. Benny Boom’s film about a misdelivered package of cocaine and the mayhem that ensues has “an agreeably sleazy ’70s blaxploitation look and feel,” and what “initially appears to be a loose, ramshackle, improvisational comedy about aimless hustlers” ends up being a “tight, economical thriller.” (watch the trailer for Next Day Air)

Boom’s movie gets the humor right, said Claudia Puig in USA Today, and he does a good job of “interspersing events with quick cuts, flashbacks, and freeze-frames.” But as soon as the film’s “would-be criminal neighbors meet, guns blazing, things get shockingly ugly,” and the “violence brings the laughter to an abrupt halt.”

Next Day Air “aims low but still misses the target,” said Colin Covert in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Boom serves up “endless shots of Benjamins, blow, and booty, but fails to construct a story around it”—the “plot wanders in circles, stumbling over its own shoelaces.” This movie is “a fiasco, a flop, a failure’s failure.”