“And you thought the John Edwards sex scandal couldn't get seamier,” said Helen Kennedy in the New York Daily News. After refusing to allow DNA testing on her baby, Frances, last year, Rielle Hunter, the ex-senator’s former mistress, is reportedly now “furious at being portrayed as a stalker” in Elizabeth Edwards’ new book, and is “taking revenge” by asking John Edwards for a paternity test after all.

John Edwards “denied fathering her child,” said John Cook in Gawker, “and offered to take a DNA test to prove it.” So why does Hunter all of a sudden want him to take one? Maybe his “offer of a test and Hunter's demurral were pre-arranged" to make it look as if he was owning up to the truth "without having to endure the potentially unpleasant consequences.”

Maybe the whole thing was just an arrangement between Edwards and Hunter to protect his political career, said Simon Scowl in Deceiver, and perhaps now the hush "money has run out.” Or maybe Hunter is “just sick of hiding and is finally standing up for herself.”