Directed by Mark Waters


A man is haunted by his past romances.

It’s okay to hate Matthew McConaughey, said Owen Gleiberman in Entertainment Weekly. If you’ve grown tired of the bongo-playing, often shirtless star who’s recently become the ­“charming cad” of choice for Hollywood romantic comedies, you’re not alone. In his latest attempt to win over the ladies, McConaughey plays a photographer so “smarmy” that the film “doesn’t pretend you’re supposed to like him.” Basically a “chick-flick update of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol,Ghosts of Girlfriends Past follows McConaughey as he visits the “train wreck past, present, and future that is his romantic life.” The plot plays out just as you’d expect, said Michael Phillips in the Chicago Tribune. He reflects on his misogynist ways and eventually reforms to woo the one who got away (Jennifer Garner). Yet, as gimmicky as it sounds, director Mark Waters’ “Lothario-learns-a-lesson comedy is better than its already sour reputation.” I’m “almost embarrassed” to admit I enjoyed this film, said Lou Lumenick in the New York Post. Overflowing with “cheesy charm,” it’s bound to raise a guilty chuckle or two from you, as well.