Scarlett Johansson “has been left red-faced,” said Alison Maloney in The Sun. The actress, 24, directed a short film starring Kevin Bacon for the upcoming anthology film New York, I Love You, which is made up of several interrelated love stories. Segments by “A-listers” such as Orlando Bloom, Shia LeBeouf, and Christina Ricci made the grade, but Johansson’s contribution “ended up on the cutting-room floor.” (watch the trailer for New York, I Love You)

“In Hollywood,” said Jefferson Reid in E! Online, “everybody and their pool boy wants to direct.” And Johansson has been “hanging around with Woody Allen” lately, so “it’s no surprise” that she “has the itch to get behind the lens.” Unfortunately, Johansson had to learn the hard way that “talent doesn't transfer by osmosis.”

“Contrary to the many Internet rumors,” said Nicole Sperling in Entertainment Weekly, Johansson’s segment wasn’t cut “because the footage was unwatchable.” Her film was shot in black-and-white and contained little dialogue, so it just didn’t work with the other shorts. And it will be available online, so viewers will have the chance to judge for themselves.